Monday, June 30, 2008

Global Market: Capitalist on err

Should there be a significance of the cause that is affecting among the poor today? Global market has put Capital country into a danger state as time moves forward, especially those who are left behind. The First world that has reached optimum level of balance in citizens economic may not affecting much of their citizens daily needs, nor it would affect when petrol rise, communities discuss among themselves as it is not brought in the forms of demos. As such basic needs would require such economic balance, as for the 3rd world country that holds upon capitalism, their global trade is affected by the global market. Such petrol rise causing demos among countries as such, moreover causing violence in streets that would be unnecessary. Stories of the poor fasted 4 days just to hold their lives to survive would open the eyes of communities. People are dying from gastric, due to the rise of petrol, transportation, effectively affect the poor to starve to death. There should be future solution, as there should be hope to control such phenomenon from happening, to create maximum happiness under righteousness and humanitarian values.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Evolution and Genesis

It is a “Not!” for any human to neglect the study of creation about the world both theologically and scientifically. I would like to assure you that a theory is mainly an explanation for scientific studies. The sentence, “science can be proven wrong” is practically has mislead people on the fundamental understanding of science. Science is the study of mechanism and the dynamics of the universe. How is it possible that science can be claimed to be wrong if it works the same way and discovered and approved from billions of experiments, it is only the terms that can be claimed as wrong when someone proves it different. Just like the fact “an electron is spinning around the nucleus”, how it is possible for a scientific fact such as this be proven wrong after billions of experiment was conducted, and was said to be a scientific fraud just because they don’t believe it. In the science community, a theory was first proposed and claimed to be wrong, then it is obvious, and finally someone claim they found it first. From this understanding, I would like pledge that the theory of evolution is an important study in the whole event of life. Human is evolving from time to time and even today, scientist proves that every newborn baby mutates in order to generate differential characteristic, which is apparently clear.

When Stephen Hawking proposed the Big bang theory, People accept it. Although there is no experimental apparatus that exist to measure such a big scale, the theory is acceptable because it makes sense after a series of compilation of simple principle. Some of the mechanism of the big bang was picked from simple understanding of the dynamics of our visible scale observation and which can be apply it on something vast and tiny. Such as the idea when a ballet dancer spin accelerates when she slowly drove her legs in, this is applied, when all the matters on the universe will subsequently accelerate when there is one point spinning and driving all the matters into one centre spot, which creates one explosion. As soon as the big bang occurs, that is when energy started to cools down, sub-atom is formed (energy can be converted to mass and vice versa according to Einstein equation), electron started to join with the nucleus of the atom, hence forms atoms and forms matter and so goes the planet. When the sun is born, the planets rotates as gravitational pull affected the planet and hence form a galaxy, thus from the book of genesis, God says “Let there be light” on the first day of creation. Now how does the book of genesis knew that it is light that is first formed and not water or others when there is no scientific study before? We understand that the word of God is full with parables or metaphors. One day can be as long as one hundred billion years just to form the galaxy!

Referring back to the theory of evolution, Can we possibly be monkeys from the past? Why does the Orang-utans shares 97% of DNA similarity with humans? In the book of genesis, God created the animals on the fifth day and human is also created on the same day, which is also known as Friday. Now the fundamental things on earth is atoms, when atoms conjoined together they formed molecules, then they formed compounds, hence many compound is joined together to form biochemical molecules such as protein, lipid and carbohydrate and nucleic acid. After biochemical compound is formed together, they formed organelles, joined more together to formed cells and then tissue, large organs, organ system and hence, an organism. I want to arise this question, how is it possible an organism to be formed without any assistance at all? There must be someone to actually resemble the elements to form such system. It’s like playing your childhood Lego, there must be someone to manipulate and build such structure. If the Lego is left scattered, there will be no structure at all. If the elements is left scattered, will there be any of us? There is no wind or any vector to actually displace and creates chemical reaction to formed organism after the planet is stabilized. If this is possible, then the entire planet such as Mars and Jupiter will be filled with organism(differential condition is applied such as the distance from sun). Hence, God picked Earth as the best choice to fill them with his creation, which is also true that humans are made from sand (sand can be a metaphor for elements). The book of genesis states that God created animals and human at the same day which is Friday. When primates evolve, they became more adapted with the environment, hence they evolve and shows differential characteristic. We know that environment can alter the genetic information of a person; such visible distinction we can make is the human skin.

After century of primate’s evolution, until a certain extent they consumed a type of diets which causes the brain to function, or develop. In the book of genesis, it refers to the fruit that Adam and Eve has taken to course, allowing them to realize that they are naked, where God prohibited them to consume the fruit(or any other form of diet). So as primates started to think, it triggers their consciousness. They will soon develop the credibility to think. Hence, they are officially known as human who has the authority over the animals. (Imagine if a lion consume that fruit on the first place). Geneticist actually traced down the humans root when they discover that all the races in the world have one similarity on the DNA’s which can be narrow down to determine information about our ancestor. Geneticist discovered one race in this world still breathing today shares the most common DNA information with all the races in the world, which is the San tribes, from Africa. After they have made such big discovery, the San’s tribe gets a visit from the scientist. Extraordinarily, their faces resemble almost all of the major looks in the world’s races today, Asian, Caucasian, etc. Hence, when people started to multiply, their descendents started to explore the world and scattered around, from Africa to Australia and European countries. When they adapted in one places, people started to develop as they started to farm crops and breed animals for food. As in the upper parts of the world, which is colder will sooner or later alters the genetic information of the population who migrated there. Hence, they will eventually multiply and started to develop whiter skins due to poor sunlight exposure. On the contrary, humans who migrated to the lower part of the world which is exposed to sunlight daily, therefore develop a tanner skin accordingly. Some of the main factors of human distinction are through variation and mutation in the DNA due to environmental exposure. This theory is developed well after the founding of the importance of evolution, way after genesis is recorded. The book of genesis initially already explain the creation far earlier than Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, and some other scientist. This is the first fundamental understanding of the relation of theology and scientific explanation, they are relevant.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hot days or Hot fuss?

This phenomena is triggered mainly naturally and human has aggravated such events, how is this consider ethical for human being who does nothing to tackle global warming?

First I would like to distinguish two important reason why it is hot nowadays.

1 - Natural events
The equatorial lines separated the world in two parts of the continents, the upper land and the lower land. Most of the vegetation are on the upper continents and the lesser on the lower continents. We know that our earth is actually spins the world with the equatorial lines directed to the lower part of the sun. (Try imagine the straight American continents bends to left for few degrees) So when spring and summer cames, the sun shines directly to north America (When the earth is on the right side of the sun). When the earth is on the left side of the sun, northern America will undergoes autumn and winter, same goes to Europe. So when Europe undergoes winter and fall, most of the sunlight is directed to the lower parts of the continents from the equatorial. Since there is lesser vegetation on the lower parts of the continents, hence there is lesser photosynthesis activities to actually absorb carbon dioxide on the earth. Therefore, the carbon dioxide concentration of the earth increases, so does the heat.

2 - Non-natural events
I am upset to tell you that man-made greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, Sulfur dioxide excretion through money making factories who neglect the importance of greenhouse gases filters has becomingly more apparent. Now what we actually witness is hazy environment filling up the forest and the upper parts of the atmosphere. What this greenhouse gases act is like a "Grey umbrella", preventing the sunlights to propagates throughout the forest thus prevents photosynthesis process to occur. When Sunlight did reach the earth, will you expect the sun to be radiated back to space if this "Grey umbrella" restricted their movements? Its a simple phenomena of blocking something to create the trapping of heat.

How can we tackle such chronic disaster?
Why I use chronic is because it will last for a long time, we can try to reduce it for any circumstances, changing the light bulbs, planting those bamboo trees, get a hybrid car or use a transit if you can.

What is happening with the world?
Do you realize how bad has it been? The hole in our ozone layer now is as big as Northern part of America here in Antarctica. Polar animals started to get skin cancer due to overexposure to sunlight radiation. Do you know why there has been too much of entertainment lately? We witness many movies are releasing nowadays, for probably in one month? This is what people are trying to do, the government is trying to divert the whole citizen into entertainment so people do not get panic. This is one step to prevent panic among the countries by diverting people into entertainment so people will not realize about the big issue we have today!!!

I would say it is a good thing, but sooner or later people will eventually find out. This will take some time to build the awareness. Hence, it is either we will suffer the consequences before we take action or after we suffer from it. I would suggest the Government, with all due respect, to go public with this issue and acknowledge people how to tackle it. The Government cannot do this alone, you need the people, or you will gain the loss of trust. The most upset part is, Government official has been missioned to silence some of our leading diplomats to not to go public with this issue, by restricting their visiting Non Governmental Organization web site that tell us the truth!

We must abandon all money matters for this era, and concentrate what we can do to change the world. The industrial of alternatives energy is another part of development we can achieve as a growing country, Malaysia. Sending citizen to space and building tall building is not what we should be proud of, but what we can do, to cause global awareness and affect the world in the sense of peace, justice and love.


Sunday, September 30, 2007

Change your life: How to live happily!

Now it is vital for human being to have at least a happy day point in their life. Referring to our chronology on earth, well it makes us wonder if we really living life to the fullest. Either to sacrifice ourselves for the world, sacrifice ourselves for our family, or maybe sacrifice ourselves for our own needs. It makes no difference which either we sacrifice in the sense of doing it, but it makes a big difference how we may contribute and create that impact to others. There is 2 general contribution that we can make, Science and philosophy. To be ethical, wise and knowledgeable in all sense, we may actually strive that goal in life. Here is something to get you started with:

1 - Get a Dog
Yes, Get yourself a puppy or a dog. Which may be useful for you to get yourself up, play, and *if* psychology treat your loneliness and brighten your days. Bring your puppy for a walk on the park, which allows you to exercise or maybe socialize with another dog lover on the park! Feed your puppy and take care of his health, requires you to apply those responsibility and practice it in order for you to take good care of him. Remember to treat him as your closest friend! From this, you may actually practice a lot.

2 - Drink Cocoa or Hot chocolate
If you considering the amount of sugar or calorie in those hot chocolate, you might want to consider what they actually does! Cocoa contain this substance called, Pol-phenol. By consuming it daily under the right amount, these substance can reduce the amount LDL cholesterol in your body, which is known as the bad cholesterol that might block your arteries and caused stroke or heart attack. Remember, too low LDL cholesterol can also be bad for you! At a low amount, they actually "melts" you (so before you reach the hospital you're already in a liquid form!)

3 -Eat your greens!
Majority of Broccolis and cabbages contain Isocythiocyanate rich which also prevents you the risk for bladder cancer. Mainly, Greens contains these antioxidant that may help oxidize free radicals (harmful substances for body) Hence, preventing you from the risk of cancer. (Free radicals aggravate the risk for cancer by multiplying the cells inside the body more rapidly, causes tumor and cancer)

4 - For men, be Manly.

There is an importance of how we actually strive our existence and to show our appreciation for ourselves. Be ourselves. By showing masculine attitude (feminism for women) we can create these image of attraction and psychologically affect us in a more positive feedback, and lesser negative force. Here is some tips on how you may get yourselves done. Transform your body into a moderate look, get those muscles and go the gym. Well this is practically hard but the determination of how we may prove our qualities is through body building. For women, shape your body too!

5 - Keep those weight off - Get a schedule and put your weight on a daily account. In order to build the determination is to actually get someone to help you measure your weight. In this case you may actually prove someone you can do it. Which helps you a lot in weight lost or weight gain.

6 - Be a wine lad
Never thought of getting drunk? well thats not my point actually but you might want to consider what will your body benefits through wine. They actually contains antioxidant properties which may help you to strive against cancer! Well it is not advisable to took it if you have a liver disease. This is because alcohol is toxic to our body, which requires the liver to destroy it. If your liver is dysfunctional, then it is not advisable to have it. Then again if you are a healthy person, you can drink it for a healthy lifestyle under a control amount, which leads you a healthy body throughout your entire life! It also accelerates your blood circulatory system that may support more blood to enter your brain and your entire body.

7 - Chill out at work or study - Stress links to bad heart, this is because when you stress in work or studies, your adrenaline will pump out and hence your adrenaline hormones will actually makes your heart beat faster. Adrenaline also contracting your arteries that may link to high pressure in blood circulatory system which also leads to heart disease. This may also causes stroke if too high amount of adrenaline and too often of releasing.

8 - Get enough sleep (daytime or night time)
Get a few half an hour sleep in the afternoon, you might want to lower your blood pressure! Get enough sleep at night, starting from 10 o'clock your body started to build proteins for specific parts of the body. If you slept less than 5 or 6 hours, 56% higher odds for you to get poor health. Ranging from the heart to the lymphatic system to your brain.

9 - Read
Get your books inf ront of your eyes and start striving for knowledge. In order to enhance your social life, you need to chat a lot of topics which requires you to actually know. Ranging from newspaper, magazine and thick novel books, you will improve your conversation by arguing or talk about current issue or your ideas. Learn more and be more open by absorbing those informative source.

10 - Make a move
Get started with your life by practicing more new things! Don not forget to socialize and balance up all the things that you might want to do it. By practicing this, prove it to others that you might actually live a better life than others. May your day flourish with happiness!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

On the making: Mikael:The Advent

While on the making of my first novel, Mikael: The Advent, plethora ideas that i would like to share and I myself, will devote my time to write this new novel in order to project and deliver what my imagination has to offer. Here is a few introduction that i would like to introduce and a few review that I would like to share.

" He walks throughout the snows as the sixth heaven’s gates bestow upon him and unlocked over his appearance as he approaches. The gates, which leads to infinite and vast plane reaching the infinite corners of the sixth heaven, purgatory, slowly crossing the gates of mighty flame as he himself shines trembles the gates itself. The mountainous hill filled the mansions of infinity, awed by the magnificent creations of God. As his age of youth and slightly uncovers his swords of eternal blue flame, walking towards the Hills of Mormion, there he stands upon a walkway of lights and as the blue flame of his sword shines propagates the whole mansion. As he reaches his foot over the path, he flows into the inner hills in splits seconds, reaching the flaming mountain of snows. The canyons of the twilights, the angels of punishment bows down before him, glorify his presence as his thirty-six mighty wings spread trembles the hills and the angels refuse to look beyond him as his flaming body radiates strongly in might and splendour. Walking slowly towards the smaller throne for he is the right hand of God, the thrones that punish over the sinners that has repented, and judged to be spared to enters the kingdom of heaven to live for eternity..."

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Introduction: Preface and acknowledgement

Living under the liberal society of mass globalisation and the interchanging of ideas under mass communcation and the society with full with powerful ideas, which has brought to the revolutionary of powerful thinkers to understand and explain the phenomena of vast and the complexity of the universe. Until the creation of universe reaching far beyond the edge of human's imagination, I, for pursuing my ideas without selfishness will share it to the world under the easily accessible network and establish my understanding about the whole world as a scenario.

Facts from many referance books will not be sufficiently to provide maximum convincing evidence varying from different people's tought and scepticism about my explaination, but yet I will provide and state my referance as concrete as possible.

I will post under the maximum morality an as neutral as possible, with the hope to get positive feedback, non-rebuking and non-negative replies, and in a professional way of correcting my ideas if I miss relating the facts or falsifying the facts.

Please be inform that I will sometimes have the tendency of ignoring immature rebuke but i will answer every honest and relevant question, and professional to correct my ideas as to enhance my understanding and correcting my misrelating facts. From this I will need further acknowledgement and further assistance is requisite for a better and satisfying understanding.

With this and all I hope, this is not any intentions of pride and fame, but rather a free open discussion and ideas conveyed openly to the public. With all the relevant topic i will include is Science and religion, philosophy, history and politics.

Your sincere,